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Face enemy space legions, brave dense asteroid fields, and battle captured defense platforms to reach the mother ship for each region.

Once you have mastered the game in normal mode, try turning on the enemy spawning feature! The larger ships (re)spawn smaller ships which had been destroyed.

Collect special weapons and energy bonuses ( ****)
to recharge your systems, special weapons, and passive enhancements like the Shield Regen ( *), Power Regen (*), and Invincibility ( *) devices.

Your shields will absorb physical as well as energy impacts, but keep an eye on your shield power! The denser the object, the more it drains your shields.

End of Level accuracy rating rewards players for precision shooting, and bonus points are awarded based on how much bonus swag you managed to grab during that level.

* Arcade-style game-play.
* Stores up to five high scores.
* Use default weapons, or 1 of 4 special weapons:
Pulse Canon, Disruptor Canon, Plasma Canon, and
Cutting Beam.
* Shields absorb both energy and physical impacts.
* Detailed Settings screen to customize game play.
* Catch energy bonuses to power up your shields and weapons.
* Catch passive bonuses to shorten power regen lengths,
siphon power from weapons to recharge your shields,
and make yourself (briefly) invincible!





Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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